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GS 610 Testimonials:
What winners around the World are saying about GS610™ Brake Fluid

“With the green pit stops at Fontana it was important for AGR to stop the cars from speeds of 220 mph down to 60 as quickly as possible and GS610™ Maximum Performance Brake Fluid performed flawlessly which kept us in the lead and we won the race.”
Kyle Moyer, General Manager Andretti Green Racing 2005 IRL Series Champions.

"Since we began using GS610 it has performed flawlessly. In all aspects of performance we are constantly searching for the optimum package. In braking, GS610 is part of that optimum."
Mike Wright, Race Engineer Finlay Motorsports #5 GrandAm Daytona Prototype

Finally, Brake Fluid that really lives up to its name as a RACING BRAKE FLUID, GS610 not only surpasses all others in meeting the demands of high temperatures of your brakes for racing or high-performance street cars, the compressibility is significantly less and that means better, more consistent and more controllable braking under the most severe conditions. We've been running GS610 in our Porsche GT3 Cup racecar for a full season, and after seven races we haven't even had to bleed the brake system. Bleeding the brake system will now become just an annual service event once a year when we rebuild the calipers and change pads and rotors.

We are so impressed with this brake fluid we supply GS610 with every one of our brake upgrade kits from stainless steel braided brake line upgrades and Performance Friction brake pads to our full-floating rotors, hats and the amazing PFC 01 and 03 compound race pads for Ferrari 360s, Porsche GT3 Cups and Porsche RSRs.
ARLAN Motorsport

“GS610 helped us gain a competitive edge during extreme braking conditions.”
*3rd Place 2005 Indianapolis 500
*1st Place Firestone Indy 400 in Michigan 2005
Bryan Herta, IRL Driver (Andretti Green Racing)

"I started using GS610 in my BMW M5 and Ferrari 348 and instantly noticed that I was able to brake harder and experienced zero fade, which definitely gives you an edge on the street and track. I will be using it in my M3 next! Thanks guys!"
Dr. Dean Micalizio

"The first time we used GS610, we qualified on the front row at Daytona back in February. The first big test, however, came when we went to Mexico City for the first road course race of the season, which happened to be our driver Aaron Fike’s first road course race in the Busch series. Reliable braking power is key on a road course, and GS610 was awesome. Aaron had complete confidence in his brakes as he attacked the corners all weekend long. By the end of the race, we were still running strong and Aaron finished on the lead lap, which is a remarkable testament to his ability to learn. He was very happy with his brakes, which probably could have lasted another race! I’m looking forward to the results that GS610 will be able to help us get at some of the grueling short-track races like Richmond, Darlington and Milwaukee, where good brakes will once again be the key."
Phil Edgar Car Chief #43 Curb Agajanian Performance Group NASCAR Busch Series Dodge Team.

“After flushing out our normal racing brake fluid and replacing it with GS610, we can go 3 race meetings without bleeding the brakes. Even though the pedal doesn’t drop, we bleed the system anyway only to find out that the GS610 brake fluid hasn’t even discolored.”
Dean Lillie, HSV GTS driver and principal Ravage Racing

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