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GS610 Frequently Asked Questions:

How will GS610 improve my braking performance?
was was developed specifically to meet demanding needs of high speed braking on the race track and the consistent stop and go of daily driving. GS610's extremely high boiling point, low vapor rate, extremely low compressibility and low hydroscopic rates make it a winner for all vehicles.

Who is Comar Performance and Why are they distributing GS610? Comar Performance Inc. is a southern California based high performance and racing distributor who acquired exclusive world wide distribution rights from Motorsports Emporium. Comar Performance recognized the incredible quality and value of GS610 for both Motorsports usage as well as everyday automotive applications where a better than DOT 4 brake fluid is called for. In fact GS610 as represented by Comar Performance has continued its growth in market share and its ever increasing victories on the track, including winning the Indianapolis 500 with Dan Wheldon driving.

If you brake hard, you need GS610!

What ever you drive, from mild to wild, GS610 will improve your ride. From the race car to your tow vehicle, to your family car, or off-road toy, GS610 gives you the confidence to know your vehicles will stop quickly, safely, repeatedly every time.



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